Shark MP4 Converter

Shark MP4 Converter
Version: 1.2
Release notes

Created by David Horvath
License: GPL 3 or higher

Simple video converter for mobile phones (any video to MP4 format).
Powered by Mencoder ( - GPL 2).
UI framework: Qt ( - LGPL 2.1).


-Qt4 (dev package & qt4-qmake)
-mencoder (with faac-lavc -> The package shipped by Ubuntu is inapposite. Please use Medibuntu package ->


Ubuntu/Debian package

Install (Ubuntu/Debian):

- download Ubuntu/Debian package
- double click the package
- click "install" on GDebi package installer

Compile and install source:

$ qmake-qt4
$ make
($ make install)


open project with Qt Creator and build.

Tested on Linux. Theoretically cross-platform.

My english is very bad, excuse me. :)